Thursday, 18 September 2008

MySpace Music launch outdoor campaign

Myspace in the US is launching its first outdoor advertising campaign to promote the new launch of Myspace Music a joint venture between Myspace, and major record labels Sony, UMG and Warner Music.

The Myspace Music campaign is set to run in Los Angeles (Hollywood on Sunset) and New York (Times Square), and include some of the sites biggest names such as MIA, the Jonas Brothers, and Lil Wayne.

The adverts (below) show the artists alongside the playlists that provide them with creative inspiration, promoting the website's new playlist function, which allows members to aggregate a playlist free.

New York (Times Square) - Jonas Brothers and Lil Wayne Outdoor Billboard

Los Angeles (Hollywood on Sunset) - MIA Outdoor Billboard


Matt said...

I don't know what new MySpace Music brings to the Music On Demand service. Aren't websites like already perfect, or almost, for that?

Alex Smith said...

You'll probably find that although there are plenty of sites already providing an equal or better service, Myspace will try and keep they're users on their site.

By using their dominance as a social community leader to build partnerships with record labels such as Sony, and producing massive impact campaigns like we've seen, Myspace will be able to shout louder than the smaller players out there, and keep their users from straying elsewhere.