Monday, 29 September 2008

Top 20 Coolest Brands - CoolBrands release 2008 winners

CoolBrands have released the 2008 definitive list of the UK’s coolest brands as voted for by consumers. The list (below) seems to have been highly influenced by the James Bond movies as we see Aston Martin take the CoolBrands top spot for the third year running:

1. Aston Martin
2. iPhone
3. Apple
4. Bang & Olufsen
5. YouTube
6. Google
7. Nintendo
8. Agent Provocateur
9. Rolex
10. Tate Modern
11. Dom Perignon
12. Virgin Atlantic
13. Ferrari
14. Ducati
15. Playstation
16. Sony
17. Nike
18. Boss
19. Facebook
20. Lamborghini

The list seems to have been largely impacted by brands offering escapism to ones day to day life, with brands like YouTube, Facebook, Bang & Olufsen, iPhone, and consoles such as Nintendo and Playstation dominating the Top 20.


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