Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Lynx: Even Angels will Fall - Rich Media Example

As some of you would have seen by now the new Lynx Angels will fall campaign is building nicely into certainly one of my favourite at the moment, and not just due to the scantily clad angels either (this is excluding the crazy big brother style online series for the same campaign in Europe unfortunately). I really like the way the campaign is building, which was only supported further by a MPU I spotted on Media Mind's blog. To jog your memory the TV ad is below.

Video - Lynx Excite TV Advert - Full Length Version

Using google maps and postcode functionality built into the unit the user enters their postcode, to see an angel fall from the sky onto their location. This can be seen from the following link seen here: Creative Zone Served by MediaMind - Lynx - Google Maps

Pic 1: Lynx Angels will fall rich MPU

Pic 2: Lynx Angels will fall rich MPU

Pic 3: Lynx Angels will fall rich MPU

Pic 4: Lynx Angels will fall rich MPU



Anonymous said...

Fallen Angels! Italian Setting!
Broken Halo's! Instead of just a Christian image, the story just starting on the Net is 'AXE' plan's to have 72 virgins fall from the sky and when they hit the ground they rip off their burque's to expose scantilly clad beautiful Islamic women. When can we expect this sexy 'AXE' ad aimed at Mid-eastern and Islamic men for your Axe product?
The concept seems to be picking up steam on the Net.
Go for it 'AXE'! 'AXE' will get all kinds of free publicity, right?