Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Jaden Smith to star as Karate Kid in 80's remake

It's true, Will Smith's son, Jaden Smith (now 10 years old), is to play the lead role in the remake of the 80's classic The Karate Kid. Some of you may remember Jaden from his first appearance on our screens in the 2006 movie The Pursuit of Happyness, in which he starred alongside his father.

Jaden will follow Ralph Macchio who starred as the original Karate Kid in 1984, which followed the story of Daniel Larusso, a bullied schoolboy who is taught Karate by handyman and martial arts master, Mr. Miyagi, learning some valuable lessons about life... and himself, along the way... or something like that.

Famous for legendary cult scenes such as the above, Karate Kid will follow a recent trend of 80's remakes, including 'Footloose' starring Zac Efron of High School fame.

Thank you Anita Sarawak for highlighting this!!


Anonymous said...

Will Smith cannot act so why would I want to see his fry ruin an 80's classic? Will, if you are reading this, go fuck yourself.