Thursday, 13 November 2008

Galaxy's 'Miss Kiss' with Metro

Galaxy have launched a new campaign in collaboration with Metro in order to promote their Mistletoe Kisses product, in a way that will certainly brighten up some people's winter mornings.

The campaign comprises of a young lady known as Miss Kiss visiting certain cities around the UK puckering up and planting her lips on unsuspecting bystanders in the true spirit of Christmas.

The campaign is supported by a microsite on, with a competition, e-kiss service, and advice on holiday smooching. There is also daily coverage in Metro on what Miss Kiss has been getting up to. I think this is a nice little campaign, although i would have thought that something more in keeping with the recent Aero Bubbles campaign (Below) would have better suited the target audience. However saying that i couldn't quite see this working with a 'Mr Kiss' running around the country jumping out on unsuspecting women.

Aero Bubbles TV Campaign - Starring Jason Lewis