Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Fortheloveofwispa – new Wispa campaign needs you!!

Do you love Wispa? Ahh, but do you really love Wispa? Well this is the question posed in the new Wispa campaign inviting the public to pledge whatever they can to help with the making of their new advert.


The advert I saw was in the London Metro this morning, with simply an example of a pledge, and the website address www.fortheloveofwispa.com. Upon entering the website you are introduced to the Fortheloveofwispa campaign, with a countdown to the 1st December closing date. As you can see below, the pledges range from Masks to Airfields, and Stuntmen to Grandmas. You can even donate yourself if need be, and in the words of the Fortheloveofwispa site ‘create your own little piece of advertising history’.

Fortheloveofwispa Pledge Page

This is a really interesting way in getting Wispa lovers involved in the lovable 80’s chocolate bar, brought back to life this year with the help pf a convincing argument set by a Facebook group. So along with 85 others, I have pledged a Mexican Wave!