Friday, 21 November 2008

Dogs Trust, Nintendo, and Girls Aloud team up to promote responsible ownership

Animal charity Dogs Trust, and Nintendo have teamed up in an attempt to show potential dog owners the commitment needed to care for a dog before buying one. Using popular game Nintendogs, and with the help of Girls Aloud, the partnership will build upon the Dogs Trust’s existing educational programme within schools teaching children the responsibilities involved in owning a dog.

As part of the scheme, and starting in London, Nintendo will be donating Nintendo DS consoles and copies of Nintendogs to Dogs Trust for use in their educational outreach programme. Especially around Christmas this should hopefully teach children that there is a lot more to looking after a dog then meets the eye.

This is a great idea, and with the PR created around the use of Girls Aloud in the media this should be a great awareness driver for the campaign, and a brilliant way for the Dogs Trust to reach their target audience.