Monday, 10 November 2008

Could this be the future of Instore Advertising?

An interactive Mirror may seem like a pretty pointless gimmick, and that is certainly the the way this is being perceived by many of the viewers leaving comments on YouTube, but i think there are far more uses for this if handled correctly.

As you will see from the video, the technology introduced to us by Lit Studios relies on the person in front of the mirror interacting or playing with what is on the screen, which surely means that if there could be a message which is not blocking the reflection, then this could be a very clever advertising tool.

Imagine a changing room with a mirror which allowed you to view products from the store without leaving the cubicle, or interact briefly with an iTunes like application, maybe even entering your details for a competition or discount coupon. The ideas seem endless, and with the fact that the consumer is already in front of your ad then surely this begins to be very exciting concept.