Wednesday, 19 November 2008

JCDecaux and Sky launch Outdoor News Channel

It was announced yesterday on the JCDecaux website that they have joined forces with Sky News to bring London commuters the latest news on their way to work via their PrimeTime network.

As of yesterday 18th November the 16 digital billboards, making up the PrimeTime network around London, will be able to provide the latest headlines, business news, sport, show business and weather, with content updated via a live data feed.

According to the article ‘55% of London’s commuters still travel to work by car’, presenting an excellent opportunity to for JCDecaux to reach them with relevant content. This is a brilliant idea, drawing on the strengths of outdoor as a media channel, and more importantly the new advantages that PrimeTime has demonstrated.

Digital as we all know is revolutionising advertising, across all media channels, and with the attraction of Transvision in our train stations over the years proving that this can work, I can’t see why this would not be successful on the roadside.