Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Creature Discomforts viral games launched as part of ongoing Leonard Cheshire Disability campaign

Disability charity Leonard Cheshire Disability have launched the first of a series of four online viral games to support their ongoing awareness campaign featuring Aardman Animation’s hallmark plasticine creations.

The first in the series 'Flyzzz' features Callum the Chameleon, and requires users to catch flies in the allotted time with the chance to win one of five fantastic prizes (a signed and framed print of the Creature Discomforts character featured in the game). There is also a brilliantly thought out 'audio only' feature that allows accessibility to the game for the visually impaired.

There will be a new game released every fortnight, with a grand prize draw at the end of the activity, offering the lucky winner a special 'money-can't buy' Aardman Animations related prize (soon to be announced).

This is an excellent continuation from the current award winning campaign, with the Aardman Animations characters adding an extra level of engagement to the game. I will certainly be looking out for the future releases.