Thursday, 23 October 2008

Fonejacker Facebook Song

As part of the launch for the latest series of Fonejacker on E4, a series of videos were released around the Internet to give everyone a taster of what was to come. Two of the videos take the form of comical snipes at Facebook, and Bebo, and have since been integrated into the popular Wednesday night show.

In last night's episode, we saw the introduction of the Fonejacker Facebook Song, which has already this morning seen an increase in views on YouTube. The video below sees the Fonejacker singing a ode to Facebook, followed by a sketch of the Fonejacker posing as the head of the site writing to the viewers of the show.

Another one of the videos as mentioned above included a similar sketch targeting Bebo which can be viewed below.

Last month it was posted on Funkadelic that released a widget for the new series of Fonejacker, the widget titled 'Go Jack Yourself', allows users to upload their image and appear in one of three scenarios. To view the post click here, Go Jack Yourself – launch Fonejacker widget