Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Apple hits out against Microsoft "I'm a PC" ad campaign

Following the news of the Microsoft $300 million makeover, Apple has released their own ad. The ad hits out with the claim that Microsoft is spending the majority of their budget on advertising, instead of investing the money back into Vista.

Microsoft - "I'm a PC" advert

Apple - Spoof "I'm a PC" advert

This is certainly not the first time brands have released ads, or viral messaging to tarnish another brand’s lime light, and will not be the last. Take a look at some of the previous efforts by brands (or the general public) below:

Chevrolet Aveo - Spoof of Citroen C4 "Transformers" ad

Apple - Apple Vs. Microsoft advert

Nintendo - Nintendo Vs. PS3 advert

Wonderbra - Cadbury Gorilla spoof