Friday, 3 October 2008

Monster Munch Launch Retro ads as part of 'Find Our Monsters' campaign

Monster Munch the popular children's snack has gone back to its roots in a bid to relaunch the brand, and remind everyone just how great they were. The new campaign titled 'Find Our Monsters', invites the public to try and hunt down the three monsters, famed for their 80's ads, and appearances on the packets of the flavour of Monster Munch they represented (roast beef, pickled onion, and flamin' hot).

To support the 'Find Our Monsters' campaign Monster Munch have released a series of TV adverts featuring 80's children's TV legends appealing for the public to Find the Monster Munch Monsters. The TV stars include Timmy Mallett, Geoffrey Hayes from Rainbow, Funhouse presenter Pat Sharp, and Get Your Own Back host Dave Benson Phillips.

The lucky winner will earn themselves £5,000, with those taking part updated regularly by a Monster Munch 'Find Our Monsters' blog. Don't worry however, if your memory is not what it was, as Monster Munch have also created a YouTube Channel dedicated to the campaign, where we can view the 80's ads (below).

This is a brilliant way of reminding the public that the brand is as fun as we all remember, whilst allowing our nostalgic sides to run wild for a while. The different elements of the campaign work well with one another, and create a buzz around the activity.