Thursday, 30 October 2008

Aborted Bond film titles

To celebrate the release of the next installment of the James Bond series, Quantum of Solace, the media have gone Bond crazy with some very amusing and interesting articles, competition, and campaigns. One in particular which caught my eye was featured in London's free weekly men's magazine Shortlist, and features the Bond film titles which never made it to our screens:

1. 'Longitude 78 West' - The working title for Thunderball

2. 'Bond 19' - Which later became 'The World Is Not Enough

3. 'Commander Jamaica' - Which became Dr No

4. 'Licence Revoked' - Apparently got as far as the posters being printed before being amended to Licence To Kill

5. 'The Undertaker's Wind' - Became Live and Let Die

6. 'From a View To a Kill' - The end of Octopussy declared, "Bond will return in From a View To a Kill." Technically he didn't.

7. 'Fire and Ice' - The early title for The World is Not Enough

8. 'Man's Work' - Which became For Your Eyes Only

9. 'Tomorrow Never Lies' - Alegedly a typo led to this becoming Tomorrow Never Dies

10. 'Bond 2000' - Again a working title for The World is Not Enough


Rick Lamb said...

Is it wrong that the Undertaker's Wind is making me chuckle?