Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Tim the Tortoise - Creature Discomforts viral game (3 of 4)

As part of an ongoing awareness campaign, starring a series of four online games featuring Aardman Animation’s hallmark plasticine creations, Leonard Cheshire Disability have released their third instalment.

Sweetshop Sweep introducing us to Tim the Tortoise, requiring the user to help Tim jump through the Sweet Shop in order to gather sweets for his children. As with the earlier instalments players are competing for the chance to win one of five fantastic prizes (a signed and framed print of the Creature Discomforts character featured in the game).

Earlier in the month I posted on Funkadelic Advertising about the other games which can be found here. The first featuring Callum the Chameleon (Creature Discomforts viral games launched as part of ongoing Leonard Cheshire Disability campaign), and the second starring Millie the Mouse (Millie the Mouse - Creature Discomforts viral game (2 of 4)). Enjoy!!