Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Dead Set E4 Viral

Picture the scene... Britain is overrun with Zombies, and all hell is breaking loose. The dead are returning to life, with those they kill getting up to kill also. You are a Big Brother contestant who is tucked away safely away from reality, blissfully unaware of what is happening outside. That is however, until one fateful eviction night!!

This is the story to to 'Dead Set', the new five-part horror thriller written and directed by British comedy writer Charlie Brooker, coming to our screens this Autumn on E4. 'Dead Set' starring Jaime Winstone, will bring us an array of character appearances by TV celebs such as Davina McCall playing herself, as well as a host of personalities made famous by Big Brother itself, including Brian Belo, Imogen Thomas, and Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace.

The 'Dead Set' website has everything you would expect, to raise the excitement levels prior to the series, including videos, games and galleries. With a nice viral (www.unseenscreen.com) for all of those who are still in two minds to watch. Personally i cannot wait.