Thursday, 30 April 2009

T-Mobile Flashmobbing - Trafalgar Square chosen for next Advert

Firstly... no this is not a joke... Today will see an army of people congregate in London's Trafalgar Square for another taste of the Liverpool Street T-Mobile 'Life's For Sharing' Flashmob. The video trailer for the event due to be held at 6pm - 7pm Today (April 30th 2009), was posted on T-Mobile's YouTube channel on Sunday 26th April, and is swiftly making its way around the web, entitled 'T-Mobile's Next Event - Trafalgar Square' (shown below).

I am however a bit scepticle of how this will be received, not because their last dance was only 3 months ago (I mean that was fantastic), but mainly because there seems to have been a lot of copycat attempts in the meantime which may have stolen T-Mobile's thunder (Such as the below for example). I'm sure it will be great, and lead to some great work off the back of it, but I can't help but think that we're not thirsty enough for a repeat just yet.

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HT to Joe btw


Drisk said...

I must admit to being a bit conflicted about flashmob virals. I do think they are getting a bit tired and losing the desirable salient nature of a flashmob but at the same time they're still a great interactive way to get people interested.

I would say that they should wait a bit longer but in that time a couple of other people will come out with flashmobs, so it might as well be them.

I am quietly looking forward to seeing the video though.