Wednesday, 1 April 2009

April Fool's Day - BMW, Waitrose, MOD ads

Well it's April Fool's Day and so bring on the pranks. Today saw a host of brands creating ads in the spirit of April 1st, including BMW, Waitrose, and even the MOD, trying to put a smile on the faces of us Brits and our morning commute. Here are a few that I spotted today:

BMW - Metro 01.04.09

BMW appeared in a number of papers this morning including the Times and Metro, with an ad highlighting the public to their new Efficient Dynamics Magnetic Tow Technology. Allowing drivers to hitch a ride from the car in front using magnets.

Waitrose - Metro 01.04.09

Waitrose were also on the ball today selling Pinanas in Metro (a cunning cross-breed between Pineapples and Bananas). Not only did were Waitrose direct people to the store for this product, they also were kind enough to point customers in the direction of their half price strawberries if the Pinanas were sold out.

MOD - Metro 01.04.09

Lastly the MOD were appealing to those with their wits about them in papers such as The Sun and Metro, with the message 'Not been caught out today? We should talk'.


Nick Burcher said...

The internet has gone mad for April Fools today - YouTube upside down, Google inventing all sorts of stuff, Expedia selling flights to Mars and lots lots more. Great review by Techcrunch here:

Alex Smith said...

Thanks for pointing this in my direction. Some of these are pretty impressive.

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