Thursday, 23 April 2009

South Park mentions Susan Boyle in latest episode

As you may of heard there is a certain lady called Susan Boyle creating a bit of a Twitterstorm over the last week or so, and whilst I was desperately trying to avoid writing about her, I kind of feel compelled to mention this recent update. It was tweeted today by that South Park (not being a show to miss an opportunity to poke fun at the latest hot topic) have namechecked Susan Boyle in their latest episode (see below).

You can view the full article here 'Susan Boyle is namechecked on South Park' and for all of those who are interested in how a normal everyday cat-lady can go from zero to hero in a matter of tweets, please read Nick Burcher's post entitled: Susan Boyle - Google Insights for Search shows her global celebrity status!.

Susan Boyle - Mentions Chart (

Susan Boyle Performance - Britain's Got Talent