Tuesday, 21 April 2009

TimeToConsider.co.uk - Mysterious Poster Campaign hits the Capital... again!

This is a slightly random one for me, mainly because I'm not a huge fan of surprises. This latest mystery outdoor campaign of which all agencies involved are apparently sworn to secrecy (according to Twitter) is no different, and although I'm sure it will drive us all crazy, will, like the Times 'Mystery Black Poster Campaign', get us all blogging and tweeting like no-bodies business. The posters consist of some rather stunning although controversial images (shown below), with a very 'Dove' (Unilever rather than the bird) like question posed to the onlooker. Directing people simply to the website 'www.timetoconsider.co.uk' when they are greeted with further images, and an opportunity to comment with their views.

Time to consider - Hunting 'Birthright or Brutality?'

Time to consider - Chickens 'Justifiable Cruelty?'

Time to consider - Old Man 'Pity or Pitiful?'

Time to consider - Tanks 'Deterrent or Provocation?'

It will be interesting to see once again how this plays out, especially as every day more and more of us are becoming further established within the blogging and social communities of which we integrate within our everyday routine, as well as the tools and services available to us to help us do this. Will this create the same stir as the Times campaign did? I don't know, but it will be fun finding out.


Jason Bishop said...

WTF are these ads about!! I bet its the Times again!

Anyone else?

Drew K Forrest said...

From looking up the domain name details and Googling around it appears to be some kind of experiment by CBS Outdoor


Domain name

CBS Outdoor
Registrant type
Registrant's address
Camden Wharf
28 Jamestown Road


Nifty lil' blog btw, cheers for sharing with the world! :D

Alex Smith said...


Good detective work! It seems funny though that if CBS Outdoor were carrying out research around awareness or response, they would have intergrated their digital offerings into it also.

annelid said...

They are so crude though aren't they? Birthright or brutality? Well, neither actually. Or both. Isn't it a bit more complex than that, or any of them?

Ciarán said...

Alex - what Drew said. It strikes me that it's CBS prepping a case study to get advertisers to be a bit more inventive (if you'll excuse the blatant link drop, I wrote about my thoughts on exactly this matter http://www.altogetherdigital.com/20090513/time-to-consider-brings-innovation-to-the-tube/)

Alex Smith said...

Hi Ciarán thanks for your comment, Drew was correct. It was a research piece by CBS Outdoor regarding cross track advertising, our rep at CBS has since got in contact with me, and last week I was invited down to the London Transport Museum to find out a bit more about it.

I should have further details on the research coming to me, and when I do I'll be following up on this post, so watch this space.