Thursday, 2 April 2009

iVillage/ Wii Fit - Louise Redknapp helps promote women's fittness

Nintendo have launched a new initiative with iVillage to promote the Wii Fit to a women only audience. Driven by a TV ad explaining enough to provoke an interest, the ad featuring Louise Redknapp drives female viewers to where iVillage and Wii Fit have created an impressive area of the online community site for anyone wanting to find out more about lifestyle and fitness.

Once on the iVillage Wii Fit channel of the site users are invited to design their own workout, get further tips on things like 'Getting fit after having a baby', and 'Healthy eating', it even has quizzes, blogs, and competitions. There is also the chance to try out the Wii Fit for free by looking at tour dates arranged around the UK.

This is a great campaign, and I really like the way that the Wii Fit is fully integrated into the iVillage site, too often does a partnership have a pasted on feel, and you do not get that in this instance. I also like the amount of activities and information on offer for users visiting the site, and the room in which the campaign has to grow.