Thursday 11 June 2009

Top 10 Augmented Reality Advertising Campaigns… so far

Now I know that this is without doubt going to change, and possibly require updating at some point (as we are talking about the current hot topic), but I just wanted to capture some of the best examples of Augmented Reality that I have seen integrated into a wider brand campaign. So please agree, disagree, send me your suggestions, etc etc.

10. Night at the Museum
This example uses AR to bring the characters of the movie to life, in such a way that grows the experience away from just a trailer prior to release, especially for a young audience who can still get away with buying into the whole magic of the film.

9. Doritos
The Doritos Sweet Chilli campaign uses the packaging itself to engage the consumer, driving them to a website where they can release their own Tamagochi style creature, and then interact with other users.

8. Eminem - Relapse
The reason I like this example is that although it may not be the most complex of the ten I have chosen, it uses a competition to drive users to engage with AR, which in most cases is normally the best way to get people to actually give it a go in the first place.

7. Lego
This is a very simple use, but I love it, using augmented reality to offer point of sale interaction with the consumer is brilliant. Plus its Lego, and who doesn't like Lego!

6. MINI & IQ
These are two very similar ideas which allow consumers to simply hold the car in their hands and look at it in every angle. The reason I have selected both is that I really like the way that the MINI example used an outside back cover of a magazine to promote the AR functionality. The IQ example on the other hand demonstrates how with a bit of tweaking you can make the outside of a car a bit more engaging.

MINI - Convertible

Toyota - IQ

5. Nissan - Cube
There are a few examples of automotive brands using AR in this list, but this is the only use I saw that uses the technology to show the exterior and interior of the car, within an interactive brochure. where consumers can actually select colours, and packages etc, to tailor a 3D model of the car they are interested in.

4. Fanta
This is an augmented reality game which can be played anywhere, in which two phones connect via Bluetooth before playing a game of tennis using an actual 'court'. To play, users download a free app, run it, and serve away using the phone's camera to look at the court and hit the ball as it comes their way.

3 . Pokemon - Trading Cards
This gives users the opportunity to use cards to battle each other in a very simplistic way, that looks amazing, this could easily be used to engage consumers online to further enhance their experience.

2. Oasis
Oasis have been the latest brand to integrate the technology within its latest RubberDuckZilla campaign offering four Augmented Reality Games for users to play with, although only two currently available, the remaining two are to be tied with media partners, once again giving the technology an opportunity for the consumer get up and give it a go.

1. BMW Z4
Probably one of the sleekest uses I have seen, fitting in perfectly with the rest of the campaign. Users can turn their desk (or in fact anywhere) into a canvas for the BMW Z4 to drive around controlled by the users keyboard.

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Nick Burcher said...

Some nice examples here too: Kris Abel Augmented Reality.

My personal favourites are the ones that are integrated into the rest of the strategy:

- Mini using outside back covers of motoring press as the base for the Cabrio AR

- Papa John's putting the AR code onto pizza boxes and then allowing users to print out discount coupons through their AR experience

And I like the Volvo Ocean Race campaign because it involves boats rather than cars!

The big question though - is this all a fad or a pre-cursor for a much wider offline/online integration?

Matt said...

Nice list.

Personally I think the best campaigns make use of AR to actually do something useful.

For example the Ray-ban campaign which used AR let you try in shades without actually leaving your computer.

Also, not a campaign as such but the Google android application which integrates information from the web into the real world view on your mobile screen is pretty amazing.

See both examples here:

Alex Smith said...

I think AR's still very much in the 'fad' phase in terms of advertising, but I do think there is a chance for brands to offer real added value out of this (such as the Lego example).

I suppose the first challenge as with most things is getting it mainstream enough for clients to invest in it, which is why things like the Relapse competition, or even the Papa John's example (available on Nick's site here everyone) are a welcome sign.

This aside some of the examples from the construction and engineering world are far beyond anything we see in this list, so I think there are some very interesting possibilities ahead.

Anonymous said...

tom said...

10 more augmented reality demos

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Dan said...

The dutch online retailer lauched recently an (marker less) augmented reality ad. Nice!

Adam Broitman said...

This may be self serving, as my agency created it, but have you played the Criss Angel AR Game?

We looked at the AR marker and said, how do we humanize, making the person holding it the controller of a game.

Admittedly, the game is difficult. We have another on the way and I think we have fine tuned our skills. That said, what I am most proud of in my team is their ability to say, "how can we do this in a way that NEEDS AR". Many of the popular examples are no more than 3d models.

Have a look:

Not only would I love to hear your thoughts, I would love to hear what you want to see next. My email is If you have an idea for a project, we want to hear it.

Dirrogate Maya said...

Mixed Reality Advertising – The evolution of outdoor Billboards...

It is interesting to note human behavior in a typical city today, from walking on the street, to riding a bus or metro. People who are not tethered to a digital device such as an Ipod or cell phone or their net-books, are the only ones who look around them, at other people and may maintain that invisible little boundary around them – personal space.

Meanwhile people who have a pair of headphones on, or are accessing some sort of information on their smartphones or laptops, effectively tune out to the world and the older concept of personal space, and switch on their Digital Personal Space.

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nathan said...

Once AR can run smoothly on mobile devices the medium will explode. The potential is there, it just needs performance to capture the public's imagination.

Here's a talk a small tech/game shop gave at last year's Digifest on the subject...

Naked Sky's AiR

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