Sunday, 3 May 2009

T-Mobile karaoke aired during Britain's Got Talent

Ok, so on Thursday (April 30th) there was a lot of speculation over what was going down on the T-Mobile front, and I for one was particularly curious to find out how they were going to differentiate their next social engagement 'Life is for sharing' project from all of the copycats we have been seeing recently. Well hats off to T-Mobile, because they've done it again. T-Mobile's hosted a large-scale karaoke event in Trafalgar Square hosted by presenter Vernon Kay attracting an estimated 13,500 people, and included a guest appearance from popstar Pink.

T-Mobile karaoke - Full Length Video

The ad (see above) including The Beatles' Hey Jude and Britney Spears' Baby One More Time, was aired during last night's Britain's Got Talent with a longer version available on the T-Mobile 'Life is for sharing' YouTube Channel. For anyone interested on how it was put together, Campaign have put together a behind the scenes video (below).

Campaign.TV - The Making of The T-Mobile karaoke advert

Unfortunately I couldn't go down on the day and had to see the event unfold on Twitter (Which in itself was a pretty weird experience, with roughly 2-3 updates every 5 seconds... see chart below).

T-Mobile - Mentions Chart

The experience was also captured by the blogging community with the first one I noticed from Nick viewed here. I was also wondering whether anyone was actually lucky enough to see themselves in the ad last night? Or any thoughts on how they felt about the event itself?


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