Thursday, 7 August 2008

Orange 'I Am' Campaign

I've finally remembered to post this on Funkadelic today, but have been meaning to for a while. Orange are currently running a campaign titled 'I Am' in which their TV, Press and Outdoor creative is pushing people through to type 'I AM' into a search engine. This is pretty unique, and potentially risky, especially with no other call to action or URL on the ad.

This is however easy to remember, and upon typing this into Google, Yahoo etc, suprise surprise there they are, top of the PPC listings, which then directs you through to their 'I Am' microsite.

The thing i like about this camapign is the simplicity of it, and yes, the way they have used the fact that most people start their journey from a search engine to their advantage (as oppossed to typing in a URL direct into their address bar). Although there has been some critisism regarding there lack of SEO optimisation, and the clarity of the messaging, i think that in terms of a brand campaign where your focus is not distracting users by other Orange offers etc (they may see by typing say 'Orange' into Google), this is a very brave and unique campaign.