Friday, 1 August 2008

Flashtalking Online Display formats with "searchable" Google Maps functionality

Flashtalking's latest innovation has now made it possible to add a Google Map and any location to highlight in any ad format. Ideal for film releases, car dealerships, retail outlets, or event locations.

The user just enters any valid UK postcode, and it will appear in the ad. The user can search by postcode, scroll and zoom in/out exactly as they would with any Google Map. The advertiser can also re-design the location marker, the tool tip, change the map size, etc. You can even set each location marker to click through to a unique website page (making it simple to track the user journey).

The link below clicks through to an example for Odeon Cinemas, and demonstrates clearly the new format. I've found that this can be a bit temperamental with some postcodes, and looks slightly detached from the ad once you are exploring Google Maps. There also seems to be no way in getting back to the original ad (which on some video formats may be frustrating to the user). Still it is an impressive move forward on localising display advertising, and it will be interesting to see how this is integrated into campaigns in the future.