Thursday, 14 May 2009

Twitter Most influential List

This was a neat little article released in the middle of last week naming the most influential Twitterers in the world. Put together by agency JCPR, their 'Twitter index' was based on an algorithm, rating the number of followers each user has, as well as the interest their posts generate among followers, including the number of times their name is mentioned and how many times they are 'retweeted' by others. The list is as follows:

The Top 20 Influential Twitters, according to JCPR:
Jonathan Ross (@Wossy)
Perez Hilton (@PerezHilton)
Stephen Fry (@StephenFry)
Ashton Kutcher (@AplusK)
Graham Linehan (@Glinner)
Demi Moore (@MrsKutcher)
CNN (@CNNbrk)
Lance Armstrong (@LanceArmstrong)
New York Times (@NYTimes)
Wil Wheaton (@Wilw)
Shaquille O'Neal (@The_Real_Shaq)
Downing Street (@DowningStreet)
Jason Bradbury (@JasonBradbury)
Philip Schofield (@Schofe)
Soulja Boy (@SouljaBoyTellEm)
Jimmy Fallon (@JimmyFallon)
Barack Obama (@BarackObama)
John Mayer (@JohnCMayer)
Michael Arrington (@TechCrunch)
Ryan Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest)

Unfortunately I fell just outside this, but then again there’s always next year!!

Another interesting Twitter Influential list can be found here: which includes 100 names, and is regularly updated using measures of average influence, their signal-to-noise ratio, their generosity, velocity, and clout (you can even drill down by country if need be).

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