Thursday, 28 May 2009

Big Brother 10 - It's back!!

Yep it's that time again where the Channel 4 blipverts are already warning us to run for the hills, go on holiday, or cryogenically freeze ourself for the next three months. But we must pause for a second, this year may be different for a couple of reasons.

1) Apparently it is rumored to be the last year of Big Brother this year.
2) The housemates are all apparently young! Which means no oldies in there to control them and stop them ruining their lives (reference 'Kinger bottle' episode)
3) The social media space is now bigger than ever and growing every day! This means that not only will there be overnight (and unavoidable) stars, villains, clowns, scandals etc. It means that this could be the most out of control the show has ever got (worth tuning in for maybe)!

The truth is that as with ever year the 'Interest' Vs. 'do I really care' ratio fluctuates on a minute by minute basis. But I will be watching to see how Channel 4 uses the social space to its advantage, especially as their website currently only shows a countdown and the logos of YouTube, Bebo, Twitter, Facebook. Although saying this I feel that they have not used this to their full advantage during the build up, relentlessly regurgitating links to their trailers, however I suppose we'll see how this years story unravels.