Tuesday, 19 May 2009

NHS - Teen Pregnancy Viral Video for 'Hey Babe' Camapign

I saw in Metro today that the NHS in Leicester has seeded a viral on the subject of Teen Pregnancy in the form of a video on YouTube, showing a teenage school girl giving birth on a school playing field. I then read that YouTube had apparently banned the video due to "terms of use violation". In the true nature of a viral video, things aren't as easy to stop once they are out there, and so here is one copy that got away. Warning: Graphic Content!

If this becomes no longer available (as I'm very sure it will be soon), the ad is also available on the campaign website www.hey-babe.co.uk.

I would be very interested to know whether anyone else thinks that this is perhaps a little bit too much, and whether a more subtle approach could have been taken to drive home the same message. I know the aim of this rather graphic vid was probably more along the lines of driving PR, but even so.


inahill said...

I saw it via a twitter link yesterday. I think it is spot on, even if it quite shocking and surprising in the movie.