Friday, 29 May 2009

Gillette: How To Shave Your Groin!!

Yes this post will probably be as weird and uncomfortable as it sounds, but I'm going to go ahead with it anyway. Gillette in the US have realised a new campaign based on the correct way to shave various areas of your body, including... you got it... your groin (Shown below).

The series of videos are hosted on the Gillette 'How to bodyshave' website, and includes tips on general body shaving including head, chest, armpits and so on. Although can also be seen on the Gillette YouTube channel which is worth looking at if only for the range of comments and debate around the videos.

I think despite the uncomfortable and wincing feeling you'd get when thinking about 5 razor shape blades pressed against your family jewels, this is providing a service which fits very nicely with the brand. Plus it gives them the chance to have a bit of fun with a subject most blokes would shy away from, for example this lovely screenshot (above) taken by David Kiefaber over at Ad Enjoy!