Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Oohgle mystery posters hit the UK

Do you Oohgle? Do you even know what oohgling is? Well neither did I, until I started my online search the same way the majority of the online world now does as a matter of course… through a search engine. Upon typing Oohgle into Google, I was introduced to a PPC advert asking me if I’d seen the ad, and to click through if I wanted to find out more.

Oohgle is apparently the term coined for those of us which see an out-of-home advert, and follow it up with an online search (as most of those visiting the site would have done). The site put together by Posterscope, promoting their Prism Search tool, goes on to explain everything, and there is an optional short survey to enter a competition.

This piece of research will probably make its way to the agency world soon, and I’m hoping will give us some insightful knowledge of the way out-of-home is evolving people’s brand journeys and experiences. One of our increasing challenges as planners is accountability, and any research showing how media can work together is very welcome.


Nathan Whitworth said...

I wrote a bit of an explanation as to what Oohgle is, although I must admit it is based upon conjecture, it does add up given the evidence available.
I'm not quite sure what their tactic is since it seems to be based entirely on confusing the consumer, I'm sure this will backfire.

Alex Smith said...

It's funny you should say that, as I was thinking along exactly the same lines. I think it's a nice idea in theory, and I'd like to see the research Posterscope provide off the back of this.

As with anything like this I have no doubt that there will be some holes, but hopefully there will be some useful findings which will be handy to us planners.