Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Heineken Know The Signs Campaign

Over the last few months Heineken have carried out a piece of World Wide research into the characters people experience when people drink a little too much. To help us spot the signs before its too late Heineken have put together the Know The Signs Campaign, which highlights this to us, in a video rich online game.

Once on the Know The Signs microsite, users are asked to play the part of a security guard, and given to task to seek out the troublemakers in the crowd, before its too late.

The characters - The Crier, The Fighter, The Sleeper, The Exhibitionist, and The Groper, are each given their own videos once spotted on the security camera, with the player given the chance to send the clip to a friend in the form of a widget for their Facebook or iPhone etc.

This is a nice site, and a good way of showcasing Heineken's corporate social responsibility in an engaging way which is both interactive, and entertaining. It was also quite interesting to read about the campaign, which apparently highlighted America as the most emotional bunch, with 68% saying they saw The Crier in their friends on a night out.