Friday, 3 September 2010

Hunter Shoots a bear - The Tippexperience, YouTube Interactive Video

Tippex have released a YouTube campaign which really shows that there are no limits with how far you can push YouTube if you really want to. The Tippexperience 'Hunter Shoots a bear' starts with a video which gives the users a choice as to how the story plays out, via Annotations. It then progresses into an overlay which gives the viewer the chance to type in how the story continues (better shown by watching the video below).

Video - NSFW. A hunter shoots a bear!

The videos vary depending on what you type in, and spoof some very popular memes such as Surprised Kitty shown in one of the pictures below.

Pic 1 - Tippexperience: A hunter shoots a bear!

Pic 2 - Tippexperience: A hunter shoots a bear!

This is definitely worth checking out, and perhaps my favourite example of a creative YouTube video to date, to put it simply 'I love this'!!

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Pablo Edwards said...

Awesome... except it doesn't follow you desire!

shenita said...

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