Friday, 20 August 2010

The Expendables YouTube Takeover... and other brand examples

This week to promote the launch of the new The Expendables movie a video with a difference has blasted onto YouTube, showing what a brand can do when pushing the site to its limits. The video shows an interview with Sly himself, before all hell breaks loose resulting in Mr. Stallone destroying the page with his trusty bazooka.

Pic - The Expendables YouTube Takeover

There have been a few examples over the years of brands pushing YouTube to its limits (URL's of which I've included below), but I really like the way this incorporates a response mechanism in this example by means of Twitter, Facebook, and email, but also allows you to buy tickets for the movie by entering a Zip Code (US only). You can view the full The Expendables Youtube video here:

Via Nick Burcher!!

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Pablo Edwards said...

Great idea. Videos are awesome!