Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Double Rainbow meme in Frontierville

The Double Rainbow meme of the moment first immortalised in the below 'amazing' remix, has now been added to the social game FrontierVille. The game from the creators of FarmVille added the meme on the back of the storming viral effect it has had over the last week or so. Users playing the game can purchase the Double Rainbow item using in-game currency to brighten up their frontier.

Pic - Double Rainbow meme available to purchase in Frontierville

The original video shows YouTube user Paul Vasquez marveling over twin rainbows in Yosemite National Park, and became an overnight viral hit with the video already achieving just under 9 million views.




Ryan Fitzgibbon said...

Double Rainbow ALL THE WAY across the sky.

Worth pointing out the role Nathan Fillion on Twitter had in causing this to go viral!

Alex Smith said...

It's brilliant, and has made me laugh a few times this week.

Cheers for letting me know, I love the way things like this come from nowhere.