Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Facebook advertising best practice - Top tips

Earlier in the year it was reported that Facebook quadrupled it's number of advertisers in one year. It is therefore no surprise that It's often asked of us what is the best practice for standard advertising on Facebook (I mean there isn't really a lot you can do with the ASU format), however we have come up with three top tips which have certainly been handy to us and will hopefully help anyone also interested.

1. It is important to refresh the creative every month in order to optimise the best performing creative, and avoid burn out.
- The number of different pieces of creative needed depends on the budget running per month.
- It is strongly recommended that the creative is changed every month to maintain strong performance.

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2. Tailor messaging according to the users, approaching different demographics in different ways.
- It is also recommend using different tone of voice when approaching different demographics in different ways. For Example - Thinking about the users mindset when using Facebook – chatty, nosey, cheeky, fun,…If the message can be tailored to catch the eye of the user then this can really improve performance.
- Test, test, test!

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3. Increase performance with a strong call to action and topical/seasonal creative.
- Use calendar events to freshen up creative. E.g. strawberry’s in image of creative during Wimbledon. Christmas will be an opportunity to tap into user’s festive spirit.

Now this is by no means a definitive list, and I would happily invite anything else people have come across which has helped them in the past so please comment if you have anything to add.


Anonymous said...

How about engaging your desired demographic by asking them to weigh in on a campaign? What works and what doesn't.

Allowing the public to actually see implemented changes due to their creative opinion.

I know the idea isn't fully concrete, but I believe engaging the consumer and asking their thoughts would not only save money but make for valuable brand research as well as sales.

Anonymous said...

I Like the Advertising and marketing.