Thursday, 14 October 2010

YouTube Brand Channel Examples

After recently attending a YouTube presentation we were taken through a number of best in class examples of brands which are leading the way with their brand channels, all of which are well worth highlighting and checking out if you have a spare minute or two.

1. Carphone Warehouse - Eye Openers
This was a great example due to the fact that the videos are populated by the staff of each store, showing off to users the expertise of their employees. Videos are broken down by mobile model and give simplistic reviews, allowing viewers to use the integrated channel search bar to find their desired phone. There are also additional tabs such as Top Tips, Wow me, and Demos to further inform users to find out more. Carphone Warehouse - Eye Openers

2. Eon - Talking Energy
Talking Energy apparently came about by Eon's desire to own the energy debate online, this was a very brave move as it was a subject users were quite passionate about. The crucial thing this can teach brands is that although the commentary can start negatively, as with Eon, with time the conversation can turn around with active users actually defending what the channel stands for. Eon - Talking Energy

3. Virgin Media - Powerful Stuff
The Virgin 'powerful stuff' brand channel is slightly older but still a good example of what is possible. Promoting Virgin Media's faster Broadband proposition this channel allowed users to upload their own videos and then edit them with special effects in order to at that extra 'pizazz' before sending them to their friends. Virgin Media - Powerful Stuff

And finally a bonus annotations example I hadn't seen before...

Annotations - Californiacation 'Fill in the Hank'
This is definitely worth checking out as an excellent example of YouTube Annotations, which invites viewers to take part in a quiz to guess how a number of scenes from the show play out. Not only is it very well executed, but very funny and well worth a look. Annotations - Californiacation