Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Firefighter augmented reality iPhone game hits iTunes

Firefighter 360 is the latest augmented reality iPhone App from Presselite, creators of the Tube and London Bus apps, recently upgraded with their AR updates. The user must use their iPhone (and hose... Provided) to put out the fires which can appear in any 360 degree direction, and save the women which also appear.

Pic 1 - Fireman 360 augmented reality iPhone app

Not only is it pretty cool putting out the fires on commuter's backs while killing time on the train, but it again demonstrates that AR doesn't have to be simply for the techy folk among us. I must admit that although this is certainly not the best example we have seen (I do prefer examples such as Kia's 'Go Hamster Go'), AR based games have been near non-existent on the iPhone which seems like a massive opportunity for growth next year. So yes although it hasn't got the best graphics, but it certainly is laugh, and for 59p is worth a dabble.

Pic 2 - Fireman 360 augmented reality iPhone app

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