Thursday, 22 October 2009

Step Up to The Mic - Joint Venture Between Myspace and Titan Outdoor

Once again Outdoor refuses to lay down and admit defeat in the face of the fact that the online revolution is here, in another example which truly demonstrates that the two media can work as one. In a fantastic example by Titan and a three-week joint promotion with MySpace, called 'Step Up to the Mic', we see users stepping onto their soapbox and showing off their vocal power across 300 digital screens in the U.S, U.K and Ireland.

By visiting the “Step Up to the Mic” page on MySpace users can upload up to 50 characters of text and an image, and share their thoughts, messages, and best wishes to their mates or family members. As well as this using the pull of Myspace, a host of celebrities and music artists will be invited to communicate with fans, expressing all the things they are passionate about.

I actually do quite like this idea, which I really do think moves things in the right direction, reading some of the comments it does seem to be a real mixed bag, however Myspace does shine in its own individualism and non-conformity which I do think is quite endearing... if not completely my bag.