Thursday, 4 November 2010

Local Deals hit Facebook Places

Yesterday it was announced that Facebook are unveiling Deals to their Facebook Places offering on mobile, bringing local businesses the opportunity to promote offers to passing trade. Currently only available in the US and rolling out over the next few days, ‘Deals’ in relevant areas are highlighted when a user checks in via their handset.

This new offering gives brands a unique opportunity to get onto the infamous Facebook App, something which many brands have been chomping at the bit to tap into given the massive amount of users which use the application on a daily basis. The video below outlines the service, which will no doubt make its way across the pond in the coming months.

Video – Facebook Places bring local deals to the US

To date advertisers have had to make do with existing geo-location services such as Foursquare in order to showcase local offers or create branding opportunities (such as Starbuck’s Barista Badge), however with ‘Deals’ this potentially opens up a new window of possibilities to engage users via one of the World’s largest digital brands.