Friday, 12 February 2010

Tiger Beer Augmented Reality App - Helps you Celebrate Chinese New Year 2010!

Well it's nearing Chinese New Year once again, the year of the Tiger, and what could be more fitting than beer brand Tiger creating an augmented reality iPhone app to help all those revelers celebrate this weekend. In association with Dazed and Confused magazine, according to iTunes this app is 'your expert guide and precision compass to electrifying festivities'.

Video - Tiger beer iPhone app demo

Features include everything you'd expect from an AR app like this, as we have seen similar apps from Stella Artois, and other such as Urban Spoon etc. It therefore uses AR to point you in the direction of all the top hotspots, and includes reviews for the best events, restaurants and bars, with previews of each venue’s offering with exclusive Dazed and Confused reviews.

Pic - Tiger beer iPhone app

I think what sets this app aside from others out there is a neat little game, which although simplistic, does make this app feel a lot more rounded, adding a bit of standout to the others in the App Store. Definitely worth checking (App found here) out as it is free, and fun to play around with.

Enjoy, & Happy New Year!!

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Thanks to Lee for pointing this in my direction!


jotta said...

Augmented Reality is becoming mainstream! Fashion photographer just created an AR film for Dazed.

Promotional Products said...


Sorry for the additional post, but you have had some killer stuff on the blog lately, and I am trying to catch up. This app looks pretty sweet. I agree with @jotta that these Augmented Reality apps are becoming huge.