Sunday, 3 June 2012

Top Jubilee Advertising, Viral, and Facebook Campaigns

Jubilee fever is here, and it certainly appears that the British public and brands alike are happy to fly the flag to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's 60 year jubilee. According to Hit Wise over the last 12 weeks they have seen over 65,000 unique search term variations including the word ‘jubilee’ typed into search engines by the UK population.

Along with the public many brands have got involved, creating Jubilee flavoured advertising, viral videos, and Facebook campaigns. Rather than listing these all out i have included the relevant links below:

Campaign: Looking at Jubilee ads sweeping the nation

The Drum: The Top Jubilee Viral Videos

Econsultancy: Six Jubilee Facebook brand pages 

If you like these then you can also use this link to give your website or blog a 'Jubilee' look and feel courtesy of London agency LBi - Here



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