Thursday, 6 January 2011

Digital Advertising Predictions for 2011

Yesterday Chris Maples, Commercial Director at Microsoft Advertising posted his ‘Digital Dozen’ predictions for digital advertising in 2011 which have been listed below. This is a very interesting selection, all of which were clearly visible by the end of 2010 proving that in terms of advances in the consumer relationship between technology, social, and advertising comms looks to be a very interesting year.

1. Technology and creativity in advertising will evolve, hand in hand

2. Location-aware technology

3. Mobile will (finally) come into its own

4. Social media IS the internet

5. The individual as personal brand

6. The evolution of branded content

7. Privacy is all about the value exchange: What can advertisers offer consumers in exchange for their information?

8. Digital evolution vs revolution: Microtrends become nanotrends

9. Social and Search: A new breed of digital marketer is born

10. Social shopping and crowd sourcing will come out of infancy

11. Gaming will move onto the next level

12. The ‘death of the agency’ will be proven a myth, and advertising agencies will be more relevant than ever

Pic - XBOX Kinect proves to be the biggest shift in gaming in 2011

I think this is a very realistic list of predictions and from my point of view definitely hope that these are the significant growth areas of this year. In particular I am interested in how all of the above elements will come together, and how the convergence of these technologies will not only sit with the consumer but influence their purchasing and online browsing behaviours.

Ultimately from an agency point of view I will be very interested to see how the advertising elements of these media will evolve opening up opportunities which will hopefully lead to a richer and much more relevant experience. It is definitely worth having a read of Chris Maples post which goes into each of these in much more depth.


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