Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Most irritating ads of 2009

Occasionally I am very thankful of reading an article which offers some help in soothing the pain of 'that' ad that you can't avoid, the ad that seems to follow you around regardless of channel, time, or day. For this reason I'd like to thank Marketing Magazine for the following list of last year's Most irritating ads.

Photo Credit

2= Cash4Gold
2= Glade Touch 'n' Fresh
4 Swiftcover
6 118 247
7= Churchill
9= Nintendo
9= Country Life
11 McDonald's
12 Kingsmill
13 BT
14 Gillette
15= T-Mobile
15= Peugeot
15= Dolmio
18 Orange (Monkey)
19= Greggs
19= Tesco
21 Holland & Barrett
22 Pampers

Source: (Adwatch research was conducted from 24-26 November 2009 by TNS)

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Jessica said...

That's by far, the most annoying advertisement.

Promotional Products said...

Cash4gold... seriously how annoying is it that they want you to send gold in an envelope, and they'll send you money back... who falls for this stuff?

gailjrichardson said...

I would never send gold in an envelope to anyone so I totally agree.